Hi there!

I am Adyanth, pleased to meet you! I am your typical tech enthusiast/geek. Whatever label that works. What is not so run-of-the-mill about me is that I don’t tend to limit my adventures to any particular domain. I’ll usually be interested in anything technical, computers or otherwise.

I am currently working at Cisco Systems as a network security engineer. Titles aside, I mainly work on creating proof of concepts, new tools, and applications, generating services and opportunities for Cisco in the security domain. It generally involves programming in a rapid manner, or sprints, for the whole project, not per feature.

I have a B.E (undergraduate) degree in Electronics and Communication and previous experience in the VoIP domain, with some pretty complex architectures. In more recent times, I’m gaining experience in cybersecurity, both on-prem and cloud, along with diving headfirst into cloud architectures and technologies.

With regards to programming languages, I can mostly pick up anything you can throw at me (other than CSS for some reason, and before you come at me screaming, CSS is Turing complete , and thus a programming language!). If you need an exhaustive list, which the following is not 😁, here are some of them:

  • I can dive in and find my way around in Python, C, C++, JavaScript, Golang, Vue, and Bash.
  • I can do Java as well, but please, for the love of everything you hold dear, do not ask me to use it day in and day out.
  • To re-iterate on CSS, if you want me to move a button to the right, don’t look at me like I did something unspeakable when you find that now the whole page is on the right, but the button disappeared.

Mandatory notice here on how the above includes the use of tools of the language like exaggeration and sarcasm (/s for the people of Reddit), this is here just because :).

With that out of the way, let me elaborate on what I do outside of work. I explore. I scour the internet looking for the next big thing I can get my hands on.

  • If it is an open-source self-hosted tool, I self host it .
  • If it is a SaaS offering, I use it .
  • If it is a blog post on something I know, I read it regardless.

And if I find it interesting enough to motivate me to write a blog post, you will find it here 😄. The amount of knowledge I’ve gained by reading something that I thought I knew about could not fit in a book.

Knowledge is one of the reasons for me starting to write this blog. If other’s works can help me to this extent, what I do must be helpful for someone out there. “Give and take” goes a long way in making the world a better place.

Another reason is not to lose the knowledge that I have gained. Writing a blog, and backing it up, is the best way to archive all the information that one has acquired such that consuming it at a later point in time is relatively easy. I’ll probably write a blog post on how I have my blog set up, and when I do, I will link it here!

Finally, a big thanks to you for taking the time to read about me; I’m grateful! I hope that it is helpful to you in some way too. If you have some suggestions, feedback, something nice to say, or constructive criticism, they are all welcome. Feel free to do that by contacting me here .